Check-in & Check-out
Check-in: From 2:00 p.m.
Check-out: Before 11 a.m.
 Please contact us in advance if you arrive later than scheduled or after 12 a.m.
 Please let us know in advance if you would like to check in earlier than 2:00 p.m. or if you would like to check out later than 11:00 a.m.
You may be discharged by our guesthouse in the following cases:
To disturb other guests (e.g. drunken and shouting)
Do not comply with the guesthouse regulations, such as smoking in the bedroom.
List of guest rooms
Please enter your name, resident registration number and phone number.
If you are not a Korean, please write your passport number and date of entry to Korea. (Requires a passport copy.)
Please indicate the date and time of check-out.


- In case of facility damage and loss of items placed in the guest room

A penalty will be charged if any facility damage occurs during the customer's stay or any lost of property  .

We are not responsible for any lost items, so please leave your valuables at the front desk in advance.

- Appointment and cancellation

If there is no problem in applying for reservation, we will send you a confirmation email. Please show us your reservation confirmation mail when you checking-in.

If you would like to change the reservation date, please notify us 10 days in advance.

Room rates can vary according to the season.



Cancel Reservation Policy

 You cannot get refund if you cancel on the checking-in day or stay in the room on the reservation day already.

 If you cancel two days before the reservation date, you can get a 50% refund.

 If you cancel five days before the reservation date, you can get an 80% refund.

- Opening hours for the front desk and doors

Please be sure to inform the front desk in advance.


- Opening hours for the front desk and doors

The front desk closes at 12 a.m. 

- Regulations on the use of facilities

As hours of using time is written on each facility.

All guests are requested to comply with the rules for use listed on each facility in the hotel. 


-Pets are not allowed.

-When sharing a bed

Children`s age between 2-12 can share a bed with their parents. (One child per room is allowed)

A pillow blanket towel will be available for an additional charge of 20,000 won.

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TEL: 82-2-755-5437

FAX: +82 2-755-5436

E-MAIL: mdguesthouse@gmai.com

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